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Overwatch Betting Odds

Overwatch is one of the newer eSports and as such the competitive scene is not yet fully formed. Still, bookmakers are occasionally taking bets, so learning how you can bet could be a very lucrative opportunity.

Starcraft II Betting Odds

One of the most popular RTS games of the modern era, Starcraft II has become a successful eSport. With bookies introducing eSports betting, Starcraft II is at the very forefront of the industry!

Hearthstone Betting Odds

Heartsone: Heroes Of Warcraft has made a name for itself in just a few short years. Now, betting markets are starting to emerge and it is useful to learn how and where you can bet on various Hearthstone tournaments!

Smite Betting Odds

Smite is one of the more popular MOBA games out there and betting markets for it are emerging by the day. Learn how to place Smite bets and where you can do it.

Dota 2 Betting Odds

With Dota 2 becoming more popular by the day, many bookmakers are introducing Dota 2 betting markets. Learn what Dota 2 is and how you can make money by placing bets on the outcomes of Dota 2 matches and tournaments.

League Of Legends Betting Odds

League Of Legends is the most popular MOBA game out there and with tournaments running all year long, learning how to make a profit betting them is a useful skill for sure.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Betting Odds

Playing Counters Strike: Global Offensive is fun and exciting, but did you know you could make money by betting professional CS: GO matches? Read the full text and learn how!

Street Fighter V Betting Odds

Street Fighter V is one of the most popular eSports out there and there are ample opportunities to make money by placing bets on the outcomes of the professional tournaments in this game. Learn how you can bet on Street Fighter V and why you should!

Vainglory Betting Odds

Vainglory is a MOBA game gaining in popularity by the day. Learn how you can make money betting on this popular eSport.