Is It Safe to Bet on eSports?

eSports betting is safe if you choose to open an account and place your bets at trustworthy bookmakers.

Online bookmakers have been around for quite a while and they have used this time to build a solid reputation. Traditional sports are at the cornerstone of their betting offer, but many chose to gradually expand their collection with TV shows and politics. The growing popularity of eSports made it impossible for leading sportsbooks to ignore professional video game competitions. Today, punters can use the same accounts to bet on sports and eSports at one of the many bookmakers offering them.

Don't Take Chances with Shady Bookmakers

Betting on sports and video games alike has the merit of making the competitions more exciting, while rewarding savvy punters. The activity carries inherent risks and the last thing players need is to amplify these risks by gambling at shady bookmakers. eSports is a perfectly safe activity if you do it at proper casinos and that’s why research goes a long way. Before choosing one bookmaker or another, prospective players need to look at their track record and see what reputation they have over the Internet.

One way to mitigate the risks is to pay attention to what fellow players have to say about the bookie. Reviews can help players better understand the way the gambling operator behaves in relation to players how fast they pay out winnings and how customer support works. Filtering out dishonest operators should be the first step and only after that punters should focus on betting offers, bonuses and so on.

The More eSports the Merrier

After addressing the more obvious risks of being scammed by the bookmaker, players should focus on other elements. One can narrow down the search by taking a closer look at the payment methods offered, the commission charged and the waiting time on withdrawals. By choosing bookies that offer several alternatives, they give themselves more freedom in choosing a convenient financial instrument.

Equally important is for them to be able to choose between dozens of competitions and hundreds of betting options. eSports is a big and constantly expanding industry that features first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, MOBA and sports simulators. The best bookmaker for those who want to bet on video games are those that cover all these genres and offer competitive odds on all their matches.