Registration for the Final North American Heroes of the Storm Cup is Open

April 25, 2017

The final Open Division Heroes of the Storm Cup will be taking place on May 1st and the registration will remain open until April 29th for all aspiring teams.

If you are someone looking to get into the world of professional video gaming but don't know where to start, Blizzard and GosuGamers feature an opportunity that all aspiring amateur gamers have been waiting for. Their Heroes of the Storm Open Division features seven individual Cups open to all teams looking to test their metal and the registration for the final Cup will remain open until April 29.

Joining eSports Elite

The Open Division series has been taking place since January, with Cup events for Europe and the US taking place on alternate weeks. It represents an opportunity for amateur teams and aspiring players to start their path towards professional eSports career, without requiring them to risk anything.

All teams that register for the final Cup 7 kicking off on May 1st will play in the 5v5 format and will battle it out for their share of the $1,000 prize pool. More importantly, however, 16 teams that earn the most points over all seven Cup events will be pitched against each other. Two teams that survive this elimination bracket will get a chance to face a professional HGC team for a best-of-seven match.

Winning the Crucible is what amateur teams will all be after, as this will ensure their place in the next HGC, granting them the place in the professional league. While clearly a big challenge, the Open Division is an excellent way for aspiring teams to get their shot, so make sure not to miss the registration deadline if you'd like your chance to compete in the upcoming HGC.