eSports Betting FAQ

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding eSports betting.

Bookmakers have made eSports betting an integral part of their online collections and wagers on video sports are here to stay. This can be a lucrative market for those who know how to make the most of the opportunity and this FAQ article will shed some light on the key issues. eSports Betting Reviews can help players learn even more about this topic to maximize the return on investment when betting on sports.

What are eSports?

The first and most important question for those interested in eSports betting is what does it mean to bet on electronic sports. The term covers all video games that are played at a competitive level, spanning over diverse genres, such as first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, MOBAs, MMOs and sports simulators. League of Legends, DotA 2, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft 2 are just some of the popular sports that enjoy ample coverage at leading bookmakers.

How to bet on eSports?

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the concept of online betting will have no problem placing wagers on eSports. That’s because the system is the same and they have dozens of markets to choose from, when betting on each event. The number of betting options available differs based on the popularity of the video game and the magnitude of the competition. eSports bets are placed instantly and bookies offer similar odds for electronic and regular sports.

Who can play and bet on eSports?

The immense popularity of eSports is the consequence of so many people having access to video games. An Internet connection, the latest version of the game and a device such as a PC or console is all it takes to play these games. The ones suitable for competitive play have leaderboards, ranked systems and competitions that have players showcase their skills and team play. Ultimately, the most successful and talented players can aspire to enter the eSports arena and play for real money.

While professional players are not allowed to bet, just like professional athletes are prohibited from gambling, regular ones enjoy unlimited freedom. This means that video game fans can play their favorite games and bet on pro-gamers competing in prominent competitions. Furthermore, they can use the same gadgets for playing and betting, such as PCs and mobile devices. Consoles are the exception to the rule, since there are only suitable for playing.

One final distinction needs to be made in regard to the age of those who play, respectively bet on eSports. Minors can play the video games, but only those who are above 18 years old can place a wager. This is the consequence of bookmakers staying in accord with international rules regarding underage gambling.

Are eSports Bets Profitable?

Betting on sports, politics, TV shows and eSports has one thing in common. All of them involve a certain degree of risk but in return present participants with a chance of winning real cash. The quality of online bookmakers is also given by the size of the odds, with players seeking those that offer top odds across all sports. eSports betting is a relatively new addition, which means that bookies have a harder time at pricing these events correctly. The direct consequence is a diminished house edge and a better return.

The very nature of eSports betting makes them more difficult for amateurs and people who know next to nothing about video games. This means that players have the upper hand over fellow punters and they can make the most of each bet placed on eSports. No other tradition sport rewards game knowledge more than electronic sports, so there’s an indissoluble link between playing and betting on video games.

Where to Bet Online on eSports?

eSports betting is now so commonplace that it’s actually very easy to find a bookmaker taking such wagers. The real challenge is to find the ones offering the best odds, generous promotions and also project the trustworthy image. This is where eSports Betting Reviews come in handy, as they can help players make an educated decision. Mainstream bookies are dedicating special sections of their offer to video games and even group them based on categories. This makes it easy to find your game of choice.

What are the Popular eSports Betting Options?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of similarities between regular wagers and eSports betting. As a result, the markets available are similar to some degree and grant punters a great deal of freedom. They can bet on the winners of individual matches or place bets on an entire series. Most bookmakers now even present them with the option of placing ante post bet on the outright winner of the tournament. E-sports tournaments are competitions of extraordinary magnitude that bring the best players together.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, players can bet on special events that can occur during a game. Since these matches are usually shorter than traditional sports competitions and played at a faster pace, the options are less numerous. They also differ wildly from one game to the other and that’s because video games are played by completely different rules. On the most important matches, one can hope to find as many as 30 special markets to bet on.

How to Bet Live and Watch eSports Matches?

For the most authentic gambling experience, eSports Betting Reviews recommends players to consider the possibility of live betting. This is the ultimate way of enjoying the thrills of online betting and leading bookmakers offer the possibility. It is a real challenge for the operators to refresh the odds in real-time and adjust them in such a way as to reflect the constantly shifting situation on the battlefield. Experienced players can take advantage of the fleeting odds, since they have the ability of accurately reading games.

Only a fraction of online bookmakers offer live streaming services for eSports. However, this is not really a problem because there are many broadcasting channels were these matches can be watched live in real-time. Twitch is currently the leader in this line of work but other networks are offering similar services.