Where to Bet on eSports?

Make the most of eSports betting by choosing a bookmaker offering top odds, a great selection of sports and a safe gaming environment.

Just a couple of years ago, it was really difficult to find a bookmaker that would allow players to bet on video games. Back then eSports were only popular among professional players and punters were less familiar with the phenomenon. Today, this is one of the fastest growing industries and online gambling operators have picked up on the vibes. Instead of scarcity, punters are confronted with what specialists call the paradox of choice, as they are overwhelmed by so many options.

Seek a Long Term Partner

Most bookmakers now offer eSports, so it’s pretty easy to find a place to bet on video games. The real challenge is to identify those companies that can act as long-term partners, so don’t have to look elsewhere for betting options. Licensed bookies, with a solid track record in terms of security and fast payment should always be the top of the list. Prompt and professional customer support, ideally fluent in several languages can also make a difference for new players.

Equally important for those who plan on dwelling on eSports betting for a long time is a healthy selection of games. First-person shooters, real-time strategy games, MOBA and sports simulators competitions take place almost on a weekly basis. There are hundreds of events worldwide every year and their number is only expected to grow. To make the most of these opportunities, punters should find bookmakers that cover all or most of these genres and don’t focus exclusively on flagship events.

ArcaneBet checks all these boxes and that’s why it’s easy to recommend it as an eSportsbook for those who seek diversity. With so many games to bet on, it obviously helps to have them grouped based on genre and type of competition. A good bookmaker for eSports betting will allow players to bet on several markets, rather than focus exclusively on the outright winner. This will give savvy punters more freedom of choice and help them further reduce the house edge.

Special Offers and Live Betting Options

Virtually all bookmakers run some sort of promotions, but only the best have special campaigns for eSports betting. Exclusive bonuses, special campaigns and welcome packages for those who place their first bets on electronic sports help consolidate fledgling bankrolls. Another selection criteria is in regard to the odds offered on eSports and the possibility of being given boosted odds on selected events. These small, incremental winnings can also make the difference in the long run.

With so many bookies now offer eSports betting, the difference between average and great ones can be made by their live betting offer. Things change much faster in video games than traditional sports, so the odds also shift accordingly. That’s why many bookies are reluctant to add live betting and even fewer offer live streams; on the bright side, punters can watch most of the major competitions on Twitch and other online broadcasting channels for free.