Progamers Brace for the Second Weekend of the IEM Katowice

February 26, 2017

For the first time in IEM Katowice history, tournaments span over two consecutive weekends and include three different games.

Intel Extreme Masters has returned to Katowice for the fifth straight year. It brings with it the most exciting gaming action and professional players will lock horns at the Spodek Arena. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II and League of Legends are the games featured in 2017. Those who participate will lock horns for the World Championship title and some very generous paychecks.

Amazing Weekend Ahead for CS:GO and StarCraft II Fans

IEM Katowice began on February 25 with the matches between the League of Legends semifinalists. Four amazing teams fought for everlasting glory and Flash Wolves emerged victorious after surviving a big scare. In the grand final, EULCS’ G2 Esports and LMS Flash Wolves turned the heat up a notch in the Spodek Arena. As the best teams in their respective regions, they have plenty of fans and met their high expectations. They did, even though the final was a relatively short affair resulting in a 2-0 win.

The weekend was reserved exclusively to the MOBA game, but first-person shooter and real-time strategy game fans have plenty of reasons to rejoice. On March 3, the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft II players will compete for a combined $500,000. Each competition has a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000, $100,000 more than the League of Legends tournament.

The interest for the event is significant and the Spodek Arena is crowded with enthusiastic fans. Those who couldn’t purchase a ticket can still enjoy the games live on Twitch TV. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II and League of Legends are the most popular eSports. They enjoy ample coverage at major bookmakers and punters can bet on dozens of markets on each event.